Why should your organization consider offering an employee wellness program? While some employers see this as an extra layer of administration, other employers are seeing positive and influential results by executing an employee wellness program. By understanding the culture of your organization, we are able to recommend and tailor a program that may help to reduce medical costs, not only for the employer’s bottom line, but also for your employees.

Keep in mind that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) provided a path for plan sponsors to improve their workforce productivity as well as reduce their long-term health plan costs. Beginning in 2014, employers can enact up to a 30% variance in the premium that is charged to the employees for participation in various wellness efforts. Through the use of wellness exams, blood pressure screenings, BMI screening or smoking cessation programs (just to name a few) employers can encourage their employees to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you are interested in encouraging employees to utilize your medical carrier’s embedded wellness incentives, or perhaps you are interested in using an external vendor to provide a full-fledged company wellness program, VADA Benefits can help.