VADA Benefits & Insurance provides customized programs for employers of all sizes, including the Small Group Market.  While many agencies are turning away from the Small Business Employer, VADA Benefits & Insurance wants to work with you!  Health Care Reform has brought rapid change to employers with 2-50 employees.  These changes affect how your employees view your overall benefits package.  With the introduction of the Federal Marketplace Exchange, employees now have a choice between your employer sponsored plan or the Marketplace Exchange.  We can help guide those decisions and provide sound advice for which avenue best meets the needs of employers and their employees.

VADA Benefits & Insurance works with multiple carriers in both the group market as well as the individual market. As we tailor a benefits program geared specifically for the small business employer, we can employ a combination of group and/or individual medical plans to meet your needs. We don’t outsource your needs to “call centers” in offsite locations to answer questions for our small business clients.  For questions or advice, we are here to help.