VADA Benefits & Insurance is experienced in servicing the unique needs of large employers.

We specialize in a consultative approach that covers:

We work to complement and become an extension of your human resources staff. We develop and manage a comprehensive, long-term benefits strategy for you and your employees that is custom tailored to suit your specific needs. We take extra care to fully understand where your company has been, who you currently are, and where you are going. We combine your knowledge of your business with our industry insight and expertise to craft your ideal benefits strategy at the most competitive price. As our partnership matures, we will consistently and effectively communicate providing clarity that will ensure you achieve your goals without being hindered by typical hurdles. Ultimately, your employees become our clients too.

We have a wide range of procedures and tools that can assist you in establishing an appropriate budget and staying within established parameters.

SAVE TIME by preparing your requests for proposals from the insurance carriers. We gather, compile and submit your data to present your risk in the most favorable light. We provide you with executive summaries and comparison charts so you don’t have to wade through mounds of paper to get to what’s important. Save more time by having your employees contact us directly with questions and issues that arise throughout the year.

SAVE PREMIUM DOLLARS by explaining and recommending solutions that provide the most effective coverage and plan design to meet your objectives.

EDUCATE EMPLOYEES through customized benefits communication tools that help employees understand how their benefits work as well as how to help control costs. A combination of employee meetings, custom printed material and web-based portals provide clear and consistent messages when you need to communicate changes to existing employees or provide orientation for new employees.

ACHIEVE TIMELY COMPLETION OF OPEN ENROLLMENT because VADA Benefits & Insurance provides you with a Strategic Timeline for your renewals and open enrollment goals. Proper planning and timely delivery of each task are essential for a successful Open Enrollment season.

◾Over 115 years of experience at your disposal

◾Access to a variety of service providers

◾Custom tailored solutions

Benefits Advisors Network:

◾National reach with a local understanding

◾Access to countless resources


◾Access to a premiere Compliance Team

◾Comprehensive compliance education

◾Protection for your company

Captive Insurance

Manage Risk and Explore Alternative Insurance Options

Essentially, Captives are a risk-financing method or form of self-insurance involving the establishment of reinsurance programs to write insurance for predictable risks such as workers” compensation or malpractice claims.

Captive Insurance ADVANTAGES:

• We can provide reinsurance policies to cover claims.

• Help minimize employers’ insurance costs and improve cash flow.

• Assist business owners in retaining underwriting profits and investment income.

• Develop customized insurance solutions and actively manage Group Captive Insurance.