Help for HR Administrators

As the HR Administrator, have you had an employee come to you in frustration over a claim that they don’t understand?  Have you found medical or dental plan billing errors?  Did a Cobra person not get added to your bill?  Do you have an employee going out on Short Term Disability?  There is a myriad of benefit issues that can arise.  You don’t have time to add these tasks to your list of things to do.  Where would you even start to solve the problem?

VADA Benefits & Insurance has a Client Advocate who will work through these issues for you and your employees.  Melissa Roberts has been with VADA Benefits & Insurance in this capacity for over a year, bringing 20+ years of industry experience.   We know how to speak insurance language and where to go to get these matters resolved.  A lot of time can be spent on the phone when delving into a problem.   VADA Benefits & Insurance is happy to take these tasks off your plate and report back to you and your employee.

You may contact Melissa at or 804-263-5902 (cell) or 804-545-3021 (office).

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