Are your employees taking advantage of their FREE Benefits?

Are your employees taking advantage of their free benefits?  With ever increasing deductibles and co-pays in the current insurance market, are your employees aware of the free preventive services to which they have access?  Yes, free health care without being charged co-payments or coinsurance even if they have not met their yearly plan deductibles.

Are they taking advantage of the free screenings?  To name a few:

  • Yearly Preventive Physical
  • Well Woman Check-up
  • Colorectal Cancer screening for adults over 50

Are they current on their Immunizations?

  • Are they getting their yearly flu shots?
  • Is their tetanus up to date?

Here are links to more information on Immunizations covered under the Free Preventive Services covered in your medical plans:

Other opportunities for employees for free benefits, reduced costs or reimbursements:

If they are enrolled in Dental coverage, are they using the 2 free visits/year for preventive screenings?

Do they know their Medical plans often include a free or a small copayment Vision exams?

Do your employees have access to a Virtual Physician network 24/7?  The most common network is TeleDoc.  The costs for these visits can vary from free to all family members, or a PCP copay or a greatly reduced physician fee.  Using virtual doctors via phone or on the web saves members the time away from their busy lives with anytime access.

For employees enrolled in an Accident policy, are they filing for reimbursement following: annual routine physical exam, including immunizations and preventative testing.

For more information about free Preventive Health Services use this link:

Preventive health services

Your VADA Benefits and Insurance team is happy to work with you on an employee communication plan to get the word out.

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