ACA Reporting: Isn’t it too early to be thinking about reporting? Shouldn’t we all just forget about it until December?

ACA reporting- isn’t it too early to be thinking about it? Shouldn’t we all just forget about it until December? After all isn’t congress trying to repeal and replace?

Even though there is a great deal of talk in the news about repeal and replace, and the future of the Affordable Care Act is in question, ACA reporting is still required for the 2017 calendar year and now is the time to get ready!

The deadlines for filing 2017’s information are- 1/31/2018 to have 1095c forms delivered to employees, 2/28/2018 Paper Filing with IRS & 3/31/18 eFiling with IRS.

Whether you are using Employee Navigator to file or another vendor, now is the time to make sure your data is up to date. We all know how busy we can be in December and January and we have a shorter filing season this year for the first time.

What can I do now to prepare, you ask? Great question!

  • Ensure all employee data is current- Any new hires since 1/1/2017, both part and full time are required to be accounted for.
  • Terminations, rehires and location transfers all need to be entered with the correct effective dates.
  • Medical coverage adds/terms/changes need to be current.
  • Address and name changes need to be entered.

How can I cut down on the kickbacks I get after eFiling with the IRS? Another great question!

  • The number one individual form kickback we see is due to incorrect last names/SSN’s. If an employee comes to you with a name change, it is important to not change their name on the reporting until they present you with a new SS card reflecting the name change.
  • If you are not already, register for the Social Security Number Verification service at, this will help you tell how an employee’s name is listed with the SSA, this is especially helpful for those that have two or hyphenated last names.
  • Spot check your employees hired since 1/1/17 to ensure you have the correct SSN on file and there are no type-o’s.

Now is the time to prepare for ACA reporting. Following the information outline above will ensure smooth and uncomplicated ACA Reporting for your company. Don’t delay, prepare today!

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