11- Stacy BarrowBAN1
An Overview of the ACA Reporting Requirements (Forms 1094-B, 1095-B, 1094-C, and 1095-C)

Join Stacy Barrow, Esq. for an informative webinar answering common questions and discussing best practices, including “limited non-assessment periods”.
Participants will come away with an understanding of how to address opt-out payments, non-union employees, and conditional offers of coverage to spouses.

password: ACA0111

25-  Lead2Health – Susan Boucher, Nancy DeGroff, John O’Connell
Lead2Health is a health insurance program that provides companies with 50 –1000 employees’ the solutions they have been looking for:

*This webinar is not available for HRCI, SHRM or CEBS credit.

password: LTH0125

8 – HIPAA Privacy Overview – Stacy Barrow
Stacy Barrow, Esq. will provide webinar attendees with an overview of HIPPA’S Privacy Rule,
the types of entities subject to HIPPA, penalties for violations and select topics in HIPPA privacy, including Business Associates and Breach Notification. Join us and learn more about what information is protected and the permitted uses of disclosures of PHI under HIPPA.

password: HPA0208illustration_lightbulb_trans

22- Marketing RIO – Whats Your Strategy – Glenn Smith
Join Glenn Smith of World Synergy for a special marketing strategy webinar that will help you in Identifying your customer, recognizing your added value, or value proposition, develop a marketing roadmap with checkpoints to evaluate successes and misses.
Glenn reinforces the importance of an eStrategy process and tracking your resources with an attribution model.

password: RIO0222

8 – HR Trends – Bobbi Kloss
In the ever-changing world of HR Trends, Bobbi Kloss presents current information on non-traditional benefits, LOA practices, EEOC and the DOL. Educate yourself on top trends in Human Capital Management (HCM), and what should you be focusing on for your workforce needs.

password: HRT0308

22 – How Mid-Market Employers Purchase Health Care like a Fortune 500 – David Konrad
David Konrad shares information on how employers form groups to engage stakeholders like a fortune 500 company. David will provide an overview of Direct Contracting with Providers, Lowering Fixed Costs, Spreading Risk Works, Variable Costs are your Friend, and Transparency = Cost Containment.
David will offer a case study and link to our latest RS videos discussing these topics at a 20,000-foot level.

password: MME0322

12 – How to Prepare for a Department of Labor Welfare Plan Audit – Stacy Barrow
What agencies audit? Who do they audit? When and why? Where and how? What does the DOL
Welfare Plan audit?
Join Stacy Barrow, Esq. for a special webinar that answers those question, and discuss how prepare for a DOL Welfare Plan audit. Attendees will gain insight to the audit process, learn how plans get selected for audit, and best practices for audit survival.

password: WPA0412

26- Best Practices for HCM Implementation – Josh Hoover, Jamie Hawkins
Best Practices for an HCM Implementation: This presentation will be focused on the challenges associated with any HR Technology implementation and how to mitigate some of those challenges and make your life easier. Key topics include: taking a phased approach, building your timeline, change management, managing expectations, and not rushing.

password: HCM0426

10 – Handbooks: Deeper Dive – Bobbi Kloss
Bobbi Kloss offers an overview of NLRB issues in this special webinar. You’ll be exposed to the core concepts of developing a handbook: tying policies to the mission and culture of your organization and maintaining compliance.

password: HDD0510

17 – ID Theft: Your Employees and Your Company – Larry Lee
How Data Breaches and Identity Theft cause absenteeism, presenteeism, turnover, accidents and other problems that affect your company and what you need to know to recognize and do
something about it.

password: IDT1705

24- Steps to Creating a Small Insurance Company for Privately Held Employers – David Konrad
David Konrad offers insight as to why employers form a small insurance company to: Gain more Control of Risk — P&C and EB; Enterprise Asset Management; Tax Advantage; Risk Shifting and Risk Distribution.

password: PHE2405

14 – Affordable Care Act Update – Whats New with the ACA – Stacy Barrow
Join Stacy Barrow, Esq. as he provides attendees with insight and understanding during this informative webinar. Stacy discusses top compliance issues in 2017, new legal and regulatory updates in employee benefits, and recent court cases of interest.

password: ACA0614

28- Assessing Health Claims Risk – Bruce Campbell
Join Dr. Bruce Campbell for a special, two-part webinar series assessing and mitigating health claims risk. In this first webinar, Dr. Campbell will discuss the keys to Assessing Risk including health risk assessment, biometrics, the general health profile of existing health membership, and the pool of high probability claimants that could generate high cost.


19- Lead2Health – Susan Boucher, Nancy DeGroff, John O’Connell

Lead2Health is a health insurance program that provides companies with 50 –1000 employees’ the solutions they have been looking for:

*This webinar is not available for HRCI, SHRM or CEBS credit.


28- Mitigating Health Claims Risk – Bruce Campbell

In the second of this 2 Part Assessing and Mitigating Health Claims Risk, webinar series, Dr. Bruce Campbell provides guidance on Mitigating Health Risk. Attendees will gain an understanding of value based insurance design, optional programs from the health plan and pharmacy benefits manager, when it is appropriate to hire an external vendor and who they should be, and various health promotions to engage with employees and boost morale.


9 – Legalities of Creative Benefit Designs: Wellness Programs that comply with DOL, ADA and GINA Rules – Stacy Barrow

Join us for an overview of the legal and regulatory guidelines for wellness programs set forth by the U.S.
Department of Labor and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Learn how different types of wellness programs trigger application of rules under HIPAA, ADA and GINA. We’ll provide a review of the limits on rewards under DOL and EEOC rules. There will be a discussion of the notice requirements applicable to wellness programs and we’ll touch on recent court cases of interest.

23 – Stop Loss Underwriting: A look Under the Hood – Pat Campola

The development of aggregate factors and specific rates has a number of variables which can be influenced by the detail submitted to the underwriter and the discretion the underwriter has based on his or her experience and management level. Having knowledge of the process will help the attendee in their efforts to receive a competitive response to a proposal request.

11-Introduction to Consumer Directed Healthcare and Account-Based Plans: HDHP’s, HSAs, FSAs, and HRAs – Stacy Barrow

Stacy Barrow, Esq. offers an introduction to consumer directed healthcare including:


25- New & Emerging HR Technologies – Josh Hoover, Jamie Hawkins

Are you leveraging technology in order to improve and streamline your tactical processes? Are there any key strategic initiatives that technology can help you in accomplishing?
New & Emerging HR Technologies: on the heels of the 2017 HR Tech Conference we will discuss what the latest industry trends are and how HR Professionals can leverage technology in both tactical processes, and forward-thinking, strategic initiatives.


13- End of Year Compliance Round Up – Stacy Barrow, Esq.
Stacy Barrow, Esq. will provide webinar attendees with an update on legal and regulatory changes under the ACA in 2017, a review of other agency guidance in 2017 applicable to health and welfare plans, updates on recent court cases affecting health and welfare plans, and what to expect for 2018.